I’m a playwright, actor, and director, and also a drama teacher. 

My one-act plays “From Today, Everything Changes”, “Trans Pennine”, and “Being Frank” have all been performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  I’ve also written Pantomime, musical, as well as performing in and directing a huge variety of work.


I’m a songwriter and composer  recording original songs and soundtracks for theatre.

Recent productions I have composed original music for include “Things I Know To Be True”, “Bronte”, and “A Fine Bright Day Today”.  In 2020 I completed and released two compilations of original music.


I’m really interested in collaborating with others in the creation of new work – music or theatre.

I’m also keen to get older people involved in the making of fringe theatre.

Want to stage my plays?  Want to sing my songs?  Want to get into making theatre?  Get in touch!

something i had to learn

You are your first audience

This is so important. 

Nobody can guarantee that others will love your work, and sometimes you have to persist in making it because it’s what you do, and because you love doing it, and because you love what you make. 

Park any ideas you have of others showering praise on the thing you created, because if we need the praise of others to motivate us to create then chances are we will never create anything.  

You are your first audience. You enjoying your creativity has to be enough.  

So don’t wait to create – get creative.

What I could help you with…


Making your play

I can support in the writing of a play, the devising of a play, or getting a play on it its feet.  

I can provide a constructively critical opinion, actors to read your script, and suggestions for developing your work from the perspective of a playwright, and actor, and a director.


Getting to a fringe

If you’re thinking of taking a play to a fringe festival, or making a new play to take to a fringe festival,  but aren’t sure where to start or what to do I might be able to help.

I can meet with you in person, or virtually online, to help you reach your goals.


Composing music

Have you got a play that would benefit from original music?  I can work with you to create something bespoke to your requirements, in a variety of styles and moods. 

I can also help with the recording of your own songs/music if that is of interest.


Workshops for schools

I’m a qualified teacher of drama, and am available to lead workshops in devising, script-writing, and performing.  

I can also coach students in a variety of performance skills, such as working with a script and development character.


Workshops for adults

Got a theatre group that would enjoy a workshop or two? I can run workshops in devising drama, script-writing, and performance 

I’m especially interested in working with older people keen to explore their creativity.


Making stuff with you

Why don’t we collaborate?

You could perform something I’ve created..

You might be interested in collaborating on a new project…

You might just want to drink tea and chat creativity….

Opportunities for Older Theatre & Music Makers

I get very fed up seeing theatre or creative opportunities for the under thirties, when there are a lot of people older than that who never had access to such opportunities when they were young. 

If this resonates with you, and you are 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+, 70+, 80+ (or beyond!) PLEASE GET IN TOUCH and we can plot and scheme and create together!

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