When I was around 14 I was in a school band and, while jamming, I wrote a piece of music that became a song called “Ballad”.  This was a rocky power ballad thing that required me to sing at the top of my lungs until I was hoarse.  Usually by verse two.

Then it got revamped in 1990 with my mate Lee, and got even louder.  This time I would be hoarse by the middle of the first chorus.

Fast forward to 2012 and I thought I’d revisit the track, and started playing with it – calming it down, new verse/middle eight sections added – but never really had the inspiration to finish it off. For some reason, this week was the week the universe decided I needed to crack on and finish it!

The finished article is  called “Free” and has a much more relaxed feel than previous incarnations did.  Lyrically it was inspired by the wonderful poem “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou.  It is a song about rediscovering you dreams, your passions, your love – about focusing on flying and not failing.  It is a song about me, and about all of us.

It can be found here:

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it, and remaking it, and remaking it again…



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