Over the last few months I’ve been writing a new one-act play for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  “Trans Pennine” is that play, and it’s entering rehearsal in the coming days.

‘Trans Pennine’ is a funny, fast-paced, and emotional play about family disagreements, gender-identity, and caravan holidays.

Following her death, the family begrudgingly go to scatter Mum’s ashes in the Yorkshire Dales – a commemoration of a wife and mother none of them liked.  Their bitter and fateful journey takes them to the caravan site of past family holidays, where secrets are revealed, truths are unearthed, and their relationships, identities, and prejudices are tested to the full. 

Dad is angry, Ben is Amy, and Mum is in the margarine tub. 


The play will be premiered across the South East (aka, Tonbridge) in July of this year before opening at The Space on North Bridge on August 13th.  Further info, and ticket links, will be available soon – but in the meantime do check out the website for the play – – where you’ll find more info on the play, the cast, and the crew.


We will also be performing “From Today, Everything Changes” at EdFringe 18.  See one, see both!  Either way – meet us for a gin in the bar at the end!

Ian x



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