A collection of instrumental pieces written over the past 35 years – the earliest from 1985, the latest written during the Covid-19 lockdown.  All tracks have been recorded over the last 5 years, and all tracks have been remastered in 2020.

Track listing and notes in the details below.

This is a “pay what you want” album.  I’m very keen for those who want my music to have it, and so this is for you.  However, making music (and hosting it on sites like this) is not cheap, so your contributions are most welcome!  I suggest £8, but if you want to pay less – or more (!) – that is up to you!

Thanks for listening.

Ian x


NOTE: When you purchase this item the system makes me go in and authorise the download before you can download it!  It’ll then get emailed to you – it’s a slight faff, but it is what it is!



Track listing

  1. 8516 (RQP)
  2. Mark
  3. Things To Do In Isolation
  4. 2703
  5. Bronté
  6. Of An Ending
  7. Lost In Isolation
  8. Rosie In Berlin
  9. Things I Know To Be True
  10. Theme for Sara

All tracks have been remastered in 2020.


I’ve been meaning to put a collection of my instrumental work together for years, and never quite got around to doing it.  Well, here it finally is.  The tracks are from various points in my life, although recorded over the past decade as the advent of affordable home recording tech made it possible for me to make the music I wanted to.

“8516 (RQP)” was initially written for my music O’Level back in 1985.  Back then, in the height of the 80s, it was called “Quattro Par” because that sounded cool to a fifteen year old boy in 1985.  It was subsequently rewritten in my early 20s as a rock song called “Rain”.  The new name is basically an amalgamation of the first year I recorded it (85) the last time I recorded it (16) and its previous titles.  I was being a bit pretentious.  We can all be a bit pretentious some days….  “Mark”, “Rosie in Berlin”, and “Things I Know To Be True” were all written for a production of the play “Things I Know To Be True” at The Oast Theatre, Tonbridge, in 2019.  Other tracks – “Of An Ending”,  “Bronté”, and “Theme For Sara” were also written for The Oast for productions of “Lovesong”, “Bronté” and “A Fine Bright Day Today”.  The “Isolation” tunes were from Lockdown, and “2703” was just something I did because I enjoyed it – it’s a bouncy piece of 80s indulgence – and I love the 80s!  The name is basically the date I wrote it!

I hope you enjoy listening – it’s an eclectic mix in some ways, but it’s all me.  We are all a bit eclectic, deep down, I think…

Ian x


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