Well, I’ve been fiddling with the interwobble this morning and wrangling with technology, and – I’m hoping (fingers crossed) – you can now purchase “A Fine Bright Day Today”, as well as various singles from “After The Rain Has Fallen” as MP3 downloads.

I’m new to all this so let me know how you get on.

The singles from “After The Rain…” are as follows:

  1. Fall4You.  This started life on my first album, Home, as a fairly funky dance track a bit like Baker Street, but the new version is way way way more synth laden and dance heavy, and sounds great loud in the car.
  2. Candle.  This was written to mark the 50th wedding anniversary of my wonderful Aunty Mavis and Uncle Vic, both sadly no longer with us.  It’s a romantic song focusing on a love that actually did last a lifetime.  I’m proud of it, and I hope they are too.
  3. 8516 (RQP) is an out and out dance track that I originally wrote as a teenager, and submitted for my Music CSE (I got a grade 1). Anyway, last year I felt the urge to bring it into the new millennium – and here it is.  The title, btw, refers to the years both versions were recorded, and the names the tune has had over the years.
  4. And I Love The Way.  One of my faves from the album, this one has morphed and changed over the years, finally becoming the song you can now hear.  It’s a nice combination of synth and acoustic instruments, with some first forays into multilayering my own voice on the chorus.

More will come along in due course…. but, enjoy.   Loudly if you can.  🙂



Artwork for the song “Fall4You”


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