Well, we had our preview night for “From Today, Everything Changes” on sunday evening, and it had a rapturous response.  We were all rather taken aback; we all love the play, but to finally get an audience reaction to it – and such a glowing one as we did – was a little overwhelming.  Mingling in the bar afterwards with the audience, the play was clearly loved, provoked thought and emotion, and generated a lot of conversation.

So now – on to Edinburgh!

We will be performing from the 21 to the 26 of August at venue 36, The Space on North Bridge, at 4:05pm.  Tickets are available from the fringe box office, and from TheSpace’s own box office as well.  They’re selling well already – and I’m looking forward to meeting our audiences there.

Following Edinburgh we have a performance at the Hop Festival Fringe, Faversham, Kent.  This is on Sept 2nd at 1:30 at the Arden Theatre.

Try get along to a performance, and come and say hello afterwards.  We’d love to meet you!

Ian x


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