Who, and what, am I?

Am I a songwriter? A composer? An actor? Am I a playwright? A creative?

When I was young someone told me that they saw me as someone who would “colour outside the lines” and in the last few years I’ve come to understand what that means. In life and work people seek to categorise and define who we are by what we do. These are the lines in which we are expected to exist.

Colouring outside the lines’ is about rejecting those categories and definitions and recognising that the only boundaries to ourselves and to our creativity are the ones we personally choose.

I am not a category, I am myself. I create whatever captures my imagination, in whatever form or forum that takes me. This is the path that I have embraced and walk upon.

Am I a songwriter? Am I a composer? Am I an actor? Am I a playwright? Am I a creative?

I am all those things and more.

I am.


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